Imagine you’re in that first heli load being flown high into the Smoky Mountain Range west of the Valley. It’s just you, seven friends, and two guides, leap-frogging and cutting perfect runs on pristine snow. There’s not a track as far as the eye can see…what could be better?

At the end of a big day, instead of returning to the typical Sun Valley après ski scene, you’re landing at the door of a warmly lit, remote ranch house nestled in a river canyon just minutes away from your last ski run…welcome to the Idaho Smoky Mountain Lodge! As you step inside the aroma of fresh baked bread and warm chocolate chip cookies immediately greets you. There’s nothing more satisfying then our après ski scene—drinking a cold beer or a glass of wine with friends after a day of powder while nibbling on gourmet cheese, fruit, pheasant sausage, and smoked duck breast on our signature Lodge Hors d’oeuvre Platter.

Already stashed in your room will be your ISML duffle, fresh warm towels, and anything else you may need. A game of Rocha beaux is helpful to determine whether you choose a hot shower, hot tub or sauna first—unless of course, you planned ahead and booked an appointment with the Lodge masseuse. While your guides are entering data and assessing weather forecasts for your next day of adventure, there’s just enough time to check-in with family and friends via Skype or email before sitting down to a gourmet prepared dinner with the guides.

When weather infers with our perfect plans, stay active on our groomed cross-country course and snowshoe trails. If you find yourself restless in the evening, put on a headlamp and give them a try at night or save your batteries and play ping-pong instead.

After a great night of sleep away from any noise or lights – except the silver dollar sized stars blazing at you from the winter night sky – you wake to the smell of coffee, bacon and French toast; the Lodge serves only real maple syrup that comes directly from Quebec. Then once the guides have met and announced a dusting of four more quiet inches overnight, (Baldy only got a trace so don’t rub it in when you get back), everyone scrambles to get ready as they watch the sun hit Paradise Peak where you played the day before, but today we venture deep into the Willow Creek Burn—new terrain that opened up as a result of a recent forest fire and a chance for you to name a run.

A gourmet box lunch filled with extra goodies provides a welcome break after charging run after untouched run. As the shadows on the slope grow long, the heli shuttles you back to our Lodge for another après ski, Smoky Mountain style.

On the morning of the last day, hand-off your packed ISML duffle to the Lodge host to be shuttled out by snowmobile before you head out to burn up the last of your allotted flight time by “working” your way back to Sun Valley taking with you the memory of immaculate snow, the feeling of incredible adventure, the warmth of the our Lodge, the gift of good friends and good meals, and the sense of accomplishment that comes from finally doing something you’ve always wanted to do. If conditions are Epic and your legs are still worthy, your group may purchase additional flight time and head for more untracked powder.

Your final day ends at the Sun Valley Gun Club Helipad where you will be shuttled to the Sun Valley Inn to share one final toast with your heli-ski buddies…

”See you same time next year!”

The Lodge comfortably accommodates two to three groups of four, double occupancy. If you need help planning your dream powder trip, give us a call at 800-872-3108.

  • 3-days of heli-skiing departing from and returning to Sun Valley.
  • 4 hours of helicopter time per group of 4 (8 hours total).
  • 2 night’s accommodation at the Idaho Smoky Mountain Lodge.
  • Gourmet meals* prepared by the Lodge chef.

*If you have any special dietary requirements, please let us know when you book your trip.

Cost: $4800.00 per person double occupancy, based on a group of eight minimum, twelve maximum.

  • Extra helicopter time is $4,000 per hour.
  • Salomon powder ski rental for $40 per day.
  • Select beer and wine available at the Lodge.
  • One hour full body massage for $75 (must be booked in advance).
  • Extra gear shuttle available.
  • Guests allowed to bring alcohol.

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