Marshall Peterson

“I spent a day at the Ranch christening my new mountain bike. It was more fun than a boy should have. Jennifer and Pat were very patient. I’m a rank (in all the negative definitions) amateur but they were patient and in a few hours I felt I could go out without killing myself (commonly referred to a delusional behavio…r). The training courses they have built are excellent and close enough together that no time or breath ;) is wasted moving from one to another. The lodge is beautiful and in a spectacular setting, I enjoyed the beer on the porch about as much as I enjoyed the seesaw on my bike. It was the only time at the Ranch I was sure I wasn’t going to crash and burn. Pat was spotting me just to be sure though.” ;)

Dirt Diva - Shannon McLean

“The Bike Ranch was an absolutely A+ experience!!! Jennifer Biondi and Jonny Feugo Smith were outstanding coaches, Mark was our fearless host and they all made this experience one of fun, unexpected learning, and brought joy back to my less than joyous riding experiences as I …have tried to learn this sport. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I would go back in a second and it was worth every penny.” – Shannon

Dirt Diva - Hether Holter

“In two days I went from literally breaking into a sweat when thinking about using my front break–to imaging the look on my son’s face when I show him Mom can do a wheelie! Dirt Diva Camp made me a mountain bike lover. I am SO excited!!” – Hether

Dirt Diva - Carrie Westergard

“A group of 6 gals (including me) just had the most amazing experience at the Bike Ranch the past 2 days! We wish we were still there. Your team is awesome! The coaching was awesome! What can I say other than it got me back on my bike after 15 years with a lot more confidence. You have to experience this for yourselves!!!!!” – Carrie

1-Day Camp - Donnie LaBelle

“Had a great time this week! Looking forward to spending more time with you guys. Thx Jennifer and Johnny! You guys were great! yea and that pump track was pretty rad too!” – Donnie

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