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It looks like we had over 2 inches of rainfall at the Lodge and lots of snow up high. The tracks and trails held up pretty well, but every low spot was a pond! The colors are still wonderful and the contrasting white peaks inspire us to keep training, but ready the Lodge for winter […]

Winter hangs on in Sun Valley, and the road to the Smoky Mountain Lodge just got plowed last week. While that was going on, some of us headed to the desert mountain biking country of Moab, Utah and Fruita, Colorado to break in our butts! The weather was unusually cool and wet, but riding was […]

Chef Sean Petersen and his fireman, Mark, made Pizza for lunch for the DeVos heliski group for lunch at the ISML last week. Because of cold temperatures and the newness of our wood fired oven, it had to be heated slowly. This meant coming in the night before and building up the fire gradually. Weather […]

Snow has been piling up since Thanksgiving. The only access while we wait for our helicopter to arrive is by snowmobile. Besides shoveling and packing trails, a little ski touring to check conditions is on the agenda. When we reach 7000′ elevation, the snow is smooth, supportive and over 3 feet deep. Just about the […]

The Lodge’s latest culinary addition, the Outdoor Kitchen is ready to serve guests this winter. As you can see from last week’s photo, it is not totally finished, but all three components are operational. The staff has been baking pizza in the wood fired oven and hickory smoking brisket while Jay Prentice, our mason, finishes […]

This season, Sun Valley Heli-Ski will base operations exclusively from the Idaho Smoky Mountain Lodge for these dates, January 18-20, 21-23 and February 14-16, 17-19. This means that you won’t have to book the entire lodge but bring a friend or two (or more) for our standard 3 day package. This happens to also be […]

Mark Baumgardner’s avalanche search dog, Otto announces his retirement from active duty. Otto will remain “top dog” at the Idaho Smoky Mountain Lodge. Otto began training as a puppy and was active for 12 winters. He participated in many searches and was responsible for the quick recovery of a snowmobiler who perished in a Baker […]