Our goal at Bike Ranch is to teach the core skills of biking using a variety of custom stunts and jumps, along with instruction course riding on our private cross-country trails, pump tracks, and BMX course in a safe controlled environment. With this goal in mind, Bike Ranch riders will overcome potential fears and barriers to improve their riding style and confidence long after the camp is over.

We rounded-up an incredible staff of Ranch Hands—certified coaches dedicated to making learning fun and safe for a variety of ages and abilities. Ranch Hands are professional, yet approachable athletes that are trained to teach you the skills that made them big names in the industry.

Camps aren’t just for beginners. Elevate you riding and learn to attack technical terrain, corner faster, and ride skinnies, ladders, logs, and teeter-tooters with varied degrees of difficulty based on your riding experience.

Want to ride with just your posse? Book a private instructional training program for your posse—of friends, family, team or club for one day or an entire week.

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